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  • A device for turning sea water (and possibly even non potable water) into distilled water using only solar thermal energy

Used For

  • Off Grid Water
  • Cheap Production of Distilled Water for Home Use on Things like Fish Tanks
  • Water for Scientific Applications
  • Water Production of Yachts and Saiboats, Especially for longer ocean trips (This could be a highly profitable market)
  • Water Production in rural/developing areas

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

Minimum Viable Product

  • Modular
  • ~1 Square Meter and 2 decimeters high
  • As few parts and valves as possible
  • Pour spout for backwash cleaning
  • Can be chained together
  • FreeCAD kit for designing one to your own dimentions fast and easily

Basic Design

  • Strained seawater is added into a darkly painted and heavily insulated basin
  • This area is enclosed with a transparent slanted "roof"
  • Like a greanhouse the heat is trapped and water evaporates
  • It condenses on the slanted roof and runs unto a collection ditch/partition
  • It then exits the device

Side note/idea

  • It may be worth investigating if pre running the incoming seawater over the transparent single roof, or in between 2 of them in a double roof arrangement, may improve water heating and vapor cooling thus increasing efficiency


  • Every Now and then (needs specific cycle amounts/liquid flow), it must be cleaned via washing with clean water (doesn't need to be distilled, though that can help, just not saturated)
  • Also UV Light and/or Salt(water) destroy everything so lifetime is a concern, cleaning + paint + sacrificial anodes may help


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