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  • An engine that completes a power cycle with six strokes
  • More complex than all other types
  • Perhaps more efficient/powerful (the debate/maths on this is complex, needs to be adressed/researched later). (Still unsure if the steam expansion produces more power, and how the higher redline effects the overall curve etc (may be bad at low rpm, but GREAT high rpm etc) )
  • Near unused, has been researched, and may be coming to market (some major car companies made patents in ~2017)
  • Essentiall a 4 Stroke, with an additional "cool and/or wash" 2 Stroke Cycle in between
  • Injects Water, Methanol, or some blend in
  • This cools the engine internally, allowing it to run "hotter" (may need to reword that, not quite precise?)
  • May also lead to a cleaner, and thus more durable engine due to washing and/or burning out the residue left from the fuel combustion
  • May be an issue with the steam-lubricating oil interaction, but since steam engines are a thing, this seems like it isn't that likely?

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