Aerated Concrete

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Aerated autoclaved concrete - close-up view

Descriptions I found comparing concrete to AAC is here: Seems like it would not be a problem to produce it from lime. This particular article above talks about large scale production, but this tech has been around for over 100 year now and I'm pretty sure that is not how it started / there are options for smaller production lines. This company has a brief history of AAC: I think that, if you can find a solution for producing it or negotiating a deal with the few people that produce it in US, it can potentially cut costs, especially in labor. It is a lot less dense and lighter then regular concrete / easier and cheaper to transport...also easy to cut and you can apply any finish that you would like directly to it without drywall. I mainly did research on it because I am interested in it for the building of a music studio...and this material also offers good insulation both sound and thermal. I'm looking forward to reading