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  • Nature description of problem, and Business of Planting Trees - [1]. Exec summary - [2]. Regen biz case studies - [3]. For example, Fresh Coast Capital on p. 43 afforests for water quality improvement. Great stuff.
  • Annual forest loss is about the area of Taiwan every year (1.5 areas of New Jersey)


  • Open Forest Protocol - for monetizing carbon credits, includes geo excusive NFTs. [4]. White paper - [5]. Offers NFTs (can correspond to real or physical assets, can be sold or traded) [6].
    • The Open Forest Protocol creatively draws upon blockchain technology to solve the problem of providing transparency in the measuring, reporting,

and verifying of forestation projects across the globe. It provides the foundation for rapidly scaling forestation projects through its open, inclusive, and permissionless protocol, so that the world can rapidly draw down CO2 and together with the rapid phasing out of fossil fuels can stabilize the climate at levels that will allow for the flourishing of ecosystems and the human community.