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Based on Seed Eco-Home Builder Certification - which is for builders - but including thorough understanding of the design to the point of ability to redesign parts.


The 2021 Apprentice Certification involves ability to build the Seed Eco-Home 2 - AND to engage in various redesign. This means that Apprentices gain a deep understanding of the design by building modules - and the ability to redesign any module in FreeCAD.

Apprentice Certification Exam takes between 3-6 hours and involves CAD, documentation, and build using standard OSE techniques, with the exam submitted as a work long entry. The build is documented via a time lapse video at 0.5 second action camera interval, while the other parts as a screen capture played as a 5 minute video (24x fast movie), and documentation as a 5 minute video (24x movie) of a screen capture.

  1. Build any one of the ~70 wall modules hands-on without assistance from anyone, from memory - inluding door and wall modules within 1 hour for the non-aperture modules, and up to 2 hours for window/door modules.
  2. Ability to draw up a complete digital model of any single module - in up to 2 hours of CAD time in FreeCAD, starting from scratch. Or 1 hour for simple modules.
  3. Ability to draw up a complete build procedure for any of the 70 wall modules in 2 hours or less from memory. Or 1 hour for simple modules.