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The one to use is Asseembly2 workbench:


Three maintained versions of the Assembly Workbench exist: A2plus, Assembly3 and Assembly4. Which one is used by OSE? Which one should be used?

A2plus [1] Last release 26 Apr 2020 Assembly3 [2] Last release Apr 24 2020 Assembly4 [3] Last release Apr 17 2020

Probable USPs: Solution to topological naming problem. User base, Developer base.

Additional Info from the FreeCAD forum: [4] [5]

Installing (Old)

Clone the Assembly 2 github repo directly into your '.FreeCAD/Mod/' directory (which also allows easy updates with `git pull` in the future) as follows:

mkdir $HOME/.FreeCAD/Mod
cd $HOME/.FreeCAD/Mod
git clone

You will now have access to the 'Assembly 2' workbench the next time you close & restart FreeCAD.