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Playlist and First Video

With Computer Vision

Autonomous Test Run with MicroTrac

Working Document



  • Matt Droter - bringing the team together; kill switch. ROS Agriculture, see posting and Gazebo model at - [1]
  • Jeremy Adams - driver update for IMU, ROS packages integration
  • Marcin Jakubowski - open source tractor + solenoids
  • Ian McMahon - Gazebo model - MicroTrac in Gazebo.

ROS Instructionals

If you would like a short description of ROS there is one here

The gazebo package for the MicroTrac isn't completed yet. There is still some work for it to work in Gazebo.

Here are some links to the project and tutorials

There are also great video's on youtube for ROS. Here are a couple:

ROS is a large topic but this will give them an overview.