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  • These are a light switch that use a Motion Sensor and often a timer to light a room when people enter, and turn it off after they leave
  • The timer is to prevent it from turning off due to a still room (Although this still happens with some models as well as placement locations)
  • There is often a manual override switch (on/off) for instantanious off upon leaving or for turning on if broken/experiencing an error
  • Could most likely be done without any sort of processor, or be done with a VERY basic arduino
  • Basic sound and daylight sensing (Photoresistor + logic, and a VERY lofi mic (Clapping/footsteps and not much else would be registered basically "is ther commotion" )
  • Most Likely Uses less power than a IOT Light Switch and more secure, but also less capable, and depending on the timer may be less instant (unless manual off is used upon leaving
  • Also has some accessibility and convienence benefits perhaps
  • Should Decrease Electricity Waste even with neglagent users

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