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We are accepting RFPs (Requests for Proposals) on critical development points.

Here is a template:


General Process

OSE is accepting Requests for Proposals based on this process:

  1. OSE creates initial Requirement
  2. Review Board: For complex problems, a Review Board reviews the Requirement to determine soundness of systems requirements - ie, that no critical components are missing from the design.
  3. Requierement and RFP is posted online - on OSE Website, on Facebook, and is cross posted on Open Manufacturing, OSHWA mailing list, Ouishare, P2P Foundation, cryotocurrency venues, and Hackerspaces.
  4. There is a 1-2 week period for accepting Proposals.
  5. Review Board reviews proposals, suggestions are made, and bid is posted for Crowd Funding using a suitable channel, including addition of cryptocurrencies.
  6. General audiences as well as the Open Hardware Collaborative (Crowd Design, Review, and Funding) members (to be created - based on nonprofit collaboration of key Engineering Bidding Sites. key University Professors (Request for Collaboration to be broadcast to Universities) are invited to chip in. OSE makes the final determination by voting with its dollars as well.
  7. For partial funding, the Developer is asked again what they can do given the full or limited funding.
  8. OSE builds out the design at Factor e Farm pending succuess. Designer is invited to participate.

Proposal Submission

Proposal is submitted via a submission form, whose results are shown for transparency at http://opensourceecology.org/development-requests-for-proposals/

  1. Name
  2. Email - required for communications
  3. Phone - optional,will be posted at RFP site if you want other collaborators to call you
  4. Discuss how you will produce each of the specified Deliverables, and which of these you will be tackling. Name your price for crowd funding.
  5. Include a link to a JPG image or video of any supporting information. (feed an open source logo into spreadsheet template otherwise)

Results of this spreadsheet are fed into a second page of collecting spreadsheet so that all the proposals are placed on a timeline for easy viewing of main development efforts.


[Modular Tractor Arms Construction Set, Language-Agnostic Instructionals Construction Set, Model Animations Construction Set, Scale Model Instructional Video Construction Set, Scalable CNC Gear and Rack Drive Construction Set, Universal Arduino Controller Construction Set, Wireless Controller Construction Set, Piston Engine Construction Set, Hydraulic Wind Turbine Construction Set]