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Sun Aug 29 2021


  1. House 2-3 sites Blue River Valley area? End of September. Structural engineer takes a week. 6 weeks for city approval. Loan pre-approval: you get approved up to $x
  2. Partnership agreement / regen uSimple one. Budget per grant. Regeneration U - regen ag, circular economy. VR is expensive. for $50k VR university. So do a filming. VR is doable but needs a budget. Virbela already has a customizable campus already.
  3. OSE Growth Strategy debrief visit 4. Brian apprenticeship schedule.
  4. Brian's role - write grants to expand the effort.

Thursday Aug 12, 2021

Carbon Credit Information (all in one place) for and Regen.netwokr:

  • Drafting new pages:

OSE + FFR Partnership Regeneration.Ventures (SBIR R&D Commercialization Open Source

Sun Aug 1, 2021

OSE + Foundation for Regeneration Collaboration Planning.

Sun Jul 25, 2021

E-Commerce MVP. Domains List. Incorporation. SBIR Template. STTR Template

Sun Jul 11, 2021

Worked on BRV Microfactory

Sat Jul 10, 2021

BRV Microfactory

Mon Jul 5, 2021

Getting better at CAD