Build Hydraulic Tanks

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  • [1] Cut 1/4"x6"x12" tube for hydraulic tank
  • [2] Cut 1/4"x6"x12" end closures
  • Secure 3 bungs - 3/4" for filler/breather, 1" for return line filter, and 2" for suction strainer (extender plus bung proper)
  • Torch out 3 bung holes as in last step
  • Grind tank edges and bung edges clean wherever bead will be welded. This is a critical step that helps eliminate pinholes after welding.
  • Clean edges and bungs
  • Ream bungs as necessary for cleaning and fit
  • Lay out on welding table
  • Close off bungs with fittings to prevent spatter from destroying threads
  • Tack everything
  • Weld
  • Assemble tank
  • Test hydraulic tank with air pressure and soap solution
    • Plug 3/4" and 1" bungs for air tightness
    • Screw in suction strainer and reducers down to air hose fitting
    • Connect air hose
    • Fill air into suction strainer opening.
  • Grind and weld any pinholes, retest, iterate if needed
  • Assemble return line filter assembly, with thread tape as needed, and screw into side bung of the hydraulic tank.
  • Screw in suction strainer assembly, use thread tape as needed, and reduce suction strainer down to 3/4" NPT hose barb
  • Cut section of 3/4" suction hose
  • Screw in filler/breather cap into top bung.
  • Take off return line filter assembly and filler breather, plug holes, and cover suction hose barb - in preparation for welding to frame.