CEB Press/User's Manual/Testing

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1 Tools

2 Computer

2 USB Cable

2 CEB Press

1 Code

2 CEB Testing Python Code V2 Annotated

1 Steps

2 Upload the CEB Testing Code

2 Run the CEB Testing Python Code

2 Within the CEB Testing Python GUI (Graphical User Interface), click "open connection". If connection is not established, check that the port name in the Arduino IDE Tools>Serial Port matches the port name within the CEB Testing Code near the beginning.

2 GUI Testing Instructions - For passive testing (without hydraulic power), listen for the solenoid ticks and LED arrows lighting up. For active testing (with hydraulic power), keep the cylinders unjammed.


MOSFET 3 = Primary Cylinder Down

MOSFET 6 = Primary Cylinder Up

MOSFET 9 = Secondary Cylinder Left

MOSFET 10 = Secondary Cylinder Right

MOSFET 11 = Shaker Spin

LED = Arduino LED

Sensor = All Sensors Are Read at Medium Frequency (check Arduino IDE serial monitor for the observed analog values)

2 Toggle off the controller box to stop the CEB Press electronic influence on the hydraulic system (all solenoids return to open center, all work ports offline).