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2016 Extreme Manufacturing Workshop

In 2012 we did our first one day build of a heavy machine - the brick press since then we have been optimizing our methods to develop what we call Xtreme Manufacturing is a rapid parallel large-scale builds that are intended to change the world and how things are made wiethop cloud-based production and Achieve spectacular results who are people that participate can be novices in 2016 we are taking our Brit press the last mile to a hundred percent release status with full documentation based on the hundreds of pages of documentation and full CAD design files for availing a production manual for how somebody can build the Press themselves or take it to a local fabricator to Get It produced close to the cost of materials join our Workshop to experience this extreme build event and to learn how you can start a brake press manufacturing operation yourself why compressed Earth blocks the next video messages.






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  • Paolo
  • Craig
  • Adrian Bullock
  • Eric Gonzales
  • Mohammed
  • Cliff
  • Wayne
  • Emily
  • Jonathan
  • Tom
  • Scott + 2 more
  • Nathan


Goal is to produce Build Documentation in realtime.

  • Jean-Baptiste - remote doc
  • Vladimir - Scribus
  • Andrea OSE France


  • Marcin Jakubowski
  • Adrian Bullock
  • Eric Gonzales
  • Andrew Gonzales
  • Robert Deay
  • Mohammed Abujayyab
  • Paulo Henrique Silva
  • JJ Johnson
  • Nathan Callahan
  • Shayna Flynn
  • Taylor Granat
  • Sarah Ciardi

Need Form

  • Nick
  • Nick's girlfriend
  • Arthur Moore - not on eventbrite
  • Parise Yorke
  • Mark Berg
  • Robert Chastain
  • Derek Williams
  • Scott Mader
  • Tom Griffing
  • Joshua Langevin
  • Marco Malatrasi
  • Jonathan Kocurek



Welcome to this weekend's workshops at Open Source Ecology. It will be exciting indeed as we build better, cheaper, and faster than ever before on the Brick Press. And a Power Cube about 50% more power at the same cost as the previous version. We are the only place in the world building heavy machines in One Day. We also have Jim Hallock - leading CEB builder - present on stabilized block and construction methods.

We now have 24 participants for the build, so that is a perfect size team for the task.

First, logistics - if you haven't filled out the logistics form - it's to coordinate accommodations, meals, travel. So even if you are here already - or if your plans have updated - or are a team member - or someone traveling with you did not fill one out - please fill it out.

The results are here - phone numbers in case you need to coordinate with others you meet in this adventure.

To prepare: bring work gloves, eye protection, steel toed boots, and ear protection. Long sleeves and pants also. If you have an angle grinder - that too - though we will have a good number to go around.

If you'd like to see a peek preview of the build - the files are all there in FreeCAD -

Also: join the OSE Workshops FB -

Follow OSE:

See you soon, Marcin and Team