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  • The Design, Methods (And sort of artform) of organizing cables, and extending their lifetime via design
  • Mainly Done via Zipties , Strain Relief , Drag Chains , Electrical Conduit , And port placement, and cable passthroughs
  • Special Cable Bundles are also made for applications such as MIDI and DMX setups with many universes
  • Also standard choice can help (See Artnet )
  • For Power Supplies Fully Modular Power Supplies are the best option
  • Also choosing a proper cable length can help
  • Labeling Cables/Conduits With a Label Maker or some sort of marker/grease pencil helps organization and maintenance
  • Increasing rigidity via either a Drag Chain, a Flexible Electrical Conduit, or reinforcement of bundles with a semi-rigid fiber such as FDM 3D Printer Filament
  • Is near essential for servers, render farms, supercomputers, patch racks etc

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