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  • A Device that utilizes Catalysts to reduces gaseous pollution via converting various substances into less hazardous/polluting substances
  • Operating Temperature is usually "?"
  • To be run correctly, they typically use an Oxygen Sensor , to keep the fuel-air ratio optimized (nice to have in two-way, neccisary for the "cycling" in three-way converters)
  • Some also have various forms of air addition, and electric pre-heating
    • This can help to reduce the "warm up time" or remove it completely, which can aid in reaching various Low Emission Vehicle standards



  • Easiest and most available
  • Still should work for most use cased
  • A ~179 USD Inline Device
  • Inline is probably the best due to no need to cut up to "fit"
    • Also it may not do NOx converssion which is the main ose use, as CO SHOULD be burnt and/or nonexistent
    • There also cheaper ~50 USD, and more expensive ~250 USD models

Wood Stoves

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  • DEF
  • [[Catalytic Converter Combined Cycle
    • Or something similar? Essentially use the heat of the catalytic converter to aid in the combined cycle aspect? Added insulation around that "zone" and heat exchange optimization may be promising?
    • Especially with a Rotary Engine / Wankel Engine which are (usually problematicall) rich/dirty, this could work well, and may add even MORE power to that engine

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