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(combine with OSE Microfactory in the city)

  • Base is housing and off-grid energy via transfer switch. Hydrogen in phase 2.
  • Each urban development is self-sufficient in food by minimum 25% full diet land acquisition and balance is Distributed Urban Gardening (DUG)
  • DUG is proven OSE tech, and others like Curtis Stone. OSE prototyped this with perennials.
  • DUG landholders receive credit for food security redeemable at the corner store.
  • Coffee house / reading room is available
  • Food growing greenhouses are a local service by the trained farmer in residence
  • Managers are college trained in 4 years, set your own pay with OSE oversight.
  • Governanace is free market and stewardship community with proper incentives. Speculation is disincentives, so the community can trade in its value of assets, but cannot speculate.
  • Basis is collaboration and stewardship.
  • Direct stakeholders - Ie, local entrepreneurs, agency problem resolved by owner investment and loans/enterprise dev. Mechanism' is training+GI Bill+OSE Enterprise Bank + Etc.