Photo/Video Color Grading

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  • The process of changing color and light values of a photo or video to more accurately portray the portrayed scene, or meet a desired aesthetic
  • Not only aesthetic, as it can make images more bright, and/or improve contrast of colors, materials, or areas
  • Can be done via software like GIMP for photos, and Blender for video
  • VERY useful to have a calibrated monitor, but not 100% neccisary especially at the low end


General Knowledge/Tutorials Using Non Open Source Software

Photo Color Grading

GIMP Tutorials

Video Color Grading

Blender Tutorials

Optional Equipment

  • Granted this gear is not neccissary and is only for making editing and grading more accurate and more efficient

Desktop Stuf

Stuff used when taking the photo/video to make post production easier

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