Derick Schweppe

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  • Privacy first AI -
  • Lawrence location
  • First brought on Mycroft.
  • Chief design officer - ux, design background
  • Designs electronic hardware in CAD and 3D prints. Industrial design.
  • Voice experience - on scripts
  • Interested in learning a lot
  • Circuit prototyping - interest
  • Raspberry Pi - how to prototype. Using. Seed Studios microphone board.
  • Google Home [1] and Echo [2]
  • Interested in track saws -
  • Derrick - human element focus, needs the collab of a counterpart with more engineering.
  • Busy still at Mycroft.


  • Interest in circuits - since
  • 1-10 on OS scale. 8-9
  • Personally - has been an instructor at Kansas as an adjunct instructor. Connected to U. Kansas.
  • Did CAD (not FreeCAD) and taught. Interested in that.
  • Would like to get what they do with Mycroft out there.
  • Had thoughts about cordless tools