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Responsible digital system that has a physical production component, thus providing for material needs and not only digital needs.

Context: digital responsibility refers to any open source software products that also provide open source tools for brining a physical dimension to the software. For example, a CAD design package is 'digitally responsible' certified if a physical production system of open source production tools and techniques exists for supporting the digital product. This way, the digital product meets needs in a more comprehensive way, as there is a closure of the gap between digital and physical. This is a critical ingredient of Mutually Assured Abundance, and thus a prerequisite to a robust Network State.

There are many digital systems, from AirBNB to Amazon. They have a physical component. Digitally responsible goes further - in that the system has production capacity, to build physical systems - as opposed to freeriding on existing hardware. This is critical for the ultimate distribution of power in society.