Open Source Drone Construction Set

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Consists of:

Main Devices

- Open Source Helicopter Drone

- Open Source Quadcopter Drone

- Open Source Hexacopter Drone

- Open Source Octacopter Drone

- Open Source Decacopter Drone

- Open Source Fixed Wing Drone

- Open Source Hybrid Fixed Wing Drone

- Open Source Airship Drone

- Open Source Tube Launched Drone

- Open Source Fixed Wing Drone Launch Catapult

- Open Source Drone Landing Net

- Open Source Drone Hangar

- Open Source Handheld Drone Controller

- Open Source Drone FPV Goggles

- Open Source Camera Gimbal

Smaller Devices

- Open Source Drone Motor Unit

- Open Source Drone Power Module

- Open Source Drone Avionics Unit

- Open Source Drone Tracking/Positioning System Module

- Open Source Drone Data Logging Module

- Open Source Drone Payload Module

- Open Source Drone Body

- Open Source Drone FPV Module


- Open Source Drone Propellor

- Open Source Rechargable Drone Battery


- Misc Parts (Metal + Plastic + Electronics)

Allows For

- "Smart Farm" Data Collection (I.E Near Infared Cameras)

- Conservation Data Collection (Such as deforestation)

- Remote Land Surveying

- Remote Routine Checkups (I.E Cellular Towers/Powerlines, This is an emerging feild that is more time and cost efficient that the usual cherry picker

- Search and Rescue Applications

- Photography/Cinematography

- Drone Delivery of Goods Quickly

- Delivery of Medical Supplies/Lifesaving Equipment in Rural/Developing/Post-Disaster Areas

- Direct Agricultural Uses (Such as foliar spray)

See Also

- Drones

- Aerial Drone

Useful Links

- Good Drone Explanation Page

- DJI Main Site

- Parrot Drones Main Site