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  • If you have a super-competitive product that is in its own league, then you may be well off selling without middlepeople.
  • Still need appraiser, loan officer, etc involved on the buyer's side.
  • If you know the customer, you don't need a seller's agent. [1]


  • Saves 4-6% on commission to agent
  • You’re the neighborhood expert: You can speak to potential buyers about not just the home itself, but what it’s like to live in the community. After all, you know your neighborhood best. Sharing that knowledge can be a huge selling point with buyers. - This could be a local survey for hitting the pavement. OSE could do this before buying land. Visual walkthrough and survey for the neighborhood (Neighborhood Feedback) could be a good thing for transparency. One could get a better feel to see if they fit the neighborhood. Value add to potential buyer. Open Source House Walkthrough Software.
  • Can create your own company for real estate sales.
  • Eliminates broker middlepeople from the equation. A buyer's agent may not do much for you.


  • Seller makes less money because a real estate agent can sell at a higher price. [2] - typically leaves $10k on the table.
    • From a collaborative perspective - this is good - you save people money if the same person buys the house.
  • If feal may fall through, you may have potential liability [3]


  • You must clearly disclaim that you are doing FSBO and not paying commissions to buyers' agents. Or if you like to pay a buyer's agent, you can make that disclaimer

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