Factor e Farm Convergence 2011

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Invitation Letter


I would like to chime in by saying that we'll be holding our first major Factor e Farm Convergence (Kansas City Area) on September 1-30 to make major strides on the ground with respect to the Global Vilage Construction Set (GVCS) development. This will be like Foo Camp, except longer, and focused towards on-the-ground prototyping, development, and documentation of the GVCS,  by invitation only. It will be an Apollo Program for the GVCS.

Contact me if you're interested in the development - building, prototyping, documentation, and other work. You will be expected to lead the development of your proposed project during the Convergence. Our goal is to prototype at least 10 of the 50 GVCS machines, including supporting hardware such as modern steam engines, stepper motors, hydraulic motors, and electrical generators. We expect at least a $100k budget available for this, via Kickstarter and other crowd funding initiatives in development. So come to see the tractors rumble, torch tables fire, and solar collectors electrify.

This will be an unprecedented sociotechnological phenomenon, dedicated to pushing the open source movement forward and to developing a solid platform for Distributive Enterprise. We are looking for everyone from CAD, design, fabrication, prototyping, videography, natural building, energy, transportation, technical writing, graphics and design, media, systems egineering, and other subject matter experts - all the infrastrcture that takes our prototypes to Full Product Release. Read our Crash Course and Blog to see our present status. We are expecting about 100 people to converge, and we expect a merry and productive time with participants from all over the globe.

See my related TED Talk, and print our new  Brochure to give to your friends. Tweet and spread this message. Join us if you're interested in creating history.

Thanks for your time. I posted this message here -



Here's a list of people who expressed interest in attending:

  1. Blair Evans - Detroit Fab Lab
  2. Isaiah Saxon
  3. Meara O'Reilly
  4. Yoonseo Kang - Industrial Robot build [1]