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Notes on OSE Directory Structure

  • In order to allow Git Clone of an entire directory, the directory must be right below the main directory like this - OpenSourceEcology/3D-Printer-OSE-Marlin
  • It would be nice to do OpenSourceEcology/3D-Printer/OSE-Marlin - but then OSE-Marlin is not a repository in itself - it's a part of a repository, and therefore can't take advantage of Githubs collaboration workflow (fork/merge/pull request, etc).
  • It is possible to set up a repo within a repo, but it is a pain to set up.
  • A repo looks like this - it has a Clone or Download button


  • Therefore, the current OSE Repo Structure is OpenSourceEcology/ProjectName
  • The difficult part is that eventually there will be 50-200 projects like this, but that is ok


OSE Usage

  • Branch management, forks, pull requests, and merges can be done automatically with Github. OSE should use this capacity to manage hardware development projects with high complexity and many iterations.
  • STL viewing is available in GitHub since 2013 - [1]

Working with Marlin

See OSE Marlin for how to use Github with OSE Marlin

Dev Server

Maltfield says:

just spun up our new 'osedev1' server in the Hetzner cloud, and I'm in the process of provisioning it. I'd like to automate its provisioning with Ansible so that we can automatically wipe the dev node and sync the contents of prod to dev--perhaps automatically every night or week or so.

I'd like to store the ansible playbooks for automating this process in git

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