H-CNG Gaseous Fuel Blend

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  • Often Shortened to HCNG
  • A Compressed Mixture of Compressed Hydrogen Gas and CNG / Methane
  • Allows hydrogen to be used, but doesn't have as much of the energy density issues
  • Seems India is looking into this for transport
    • They supposedly also use lots of CNG for busses etc?
  • Need to look into India for more for specifics
  • Many sources say it reduces CO1 emissions, but is this due to higher temperature?
  • Also does this fuel increase NOx emissions?
    • Granted this would all be pre-exhaust treatment

To Do

  • Find Out:
    • How well does it store? (does the hydrogen diffuse out/embrittle the tanks? Are special tanks needed? What Pressure? etc)
    • What Modifications are needed for use in engines?
    • Any benefits over CNG ?
    • What range of mix ratios can be used? 50%-50%, 25%-75% etc)
    • Any sensors for gas composition coming out of the tank needed/useful
    • Combustion Characteristics

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