Rosebud Home Builder Guarantee

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If you take our 10-15 day crash course on building the Seed Eco-Home 2 - the Rosebud model - we guarantee you that we will equip you with all the skill and documentation necessary for you to build your own Rosebud.

If you feel that you did not get sufficient practice during our training, or would need more time to practice by participating in the training again - you are welcome to do so as many times as you like. Your tuition for any repeat of the Rosebud model build is free, though you will have to pay for room and board during for your time here. This does not include other house models - just the Rosebud flagship product release. With the skills you gain in building Rosebud, you will be able to translate those skills to the build of our other future models, as we will be using the same build methods in all of our models. This offer applies to Rosebud proper, including utilities and the PV system, and carport, but not to other modules, such as the greenhouse or modules that we will develop in the future.