How To Design an Open Source Product

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Assumptions: Heavyweight Product Management; test driven design; Extreme Manufacturing.


Open source product design will be taught as part of OSE Distributive Enterprise Fellowship - a 3 month program which is a combination of applicant initiative and injectioj into the OSE framework. A Weekend Crash Training program visit, with 4 hours of class time and 4 hours of hands on training for 2 days is key to this program, and it's intended for all people to check out how OSE works, what standards we follow, and how we cooperate. This is followed by an application process. The DEF program extension leads into the OSE Fellows program, where people are pursuing various areas of movement entrepreneurship.


Rationale: Extreme Manufacturing combines local production, reskilling and training, and ultimate efficiency of production both on labor cost and product design-for-manufacturing. The alternative is mass production. Open source guarantees evolving design capable of reaching hing viral replication, and Heavyweight Product Management assures generation of Capital feedback loops.


  • Define the need. Be as specific as possible on every single element of the need, and explain why you need the function and what function others need.
  • Define what you intend to deliver based on your need. Concept of the product.
  • Do a market survey for others' needs.
  • Examine industry standards. Who builds these. What features do they have?
  • break the design into modules.
  • develop every single detail on the modules, while considering how the modules for together.
  • Define a product strategy - a strategy for how you will provide value that will sell.
  • Make a Concept design
  • Create a tech tree of choices and evaluate which route you will go with for each module.
  • For each technical choice, examine the cost to performance ratio. This is called cost engineering.
  • Produce a Roadmap so that others can get involved. A clear product strategy allows this Roadmap to be created.
  • Draw up a technical-conceptual diagram.
  • Draw up a technical concept, fleshing out details covered in the technical-conceptual diagram.
  • Draw up technical design in CAD
  • Draw up build instructions. These will help you verify the design-for-ma ufacturing.