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Episodes Early Sep 2019

Jonathan levy online courses

every business problem can be solved with a sales letter. Read the best copywriting books such as Halbert.

return on interaction return on interaction my

how to run a business without being there. Set up the systems. disadvantage it is was that you will not have as much gross. you may not get everything that you need. but the company will be worth more to a buyer because it doesn't rely on the top CEO and you get the Four Freedoms money time relationship and purpose

quality of your life is the quality of your questions. Do you want to work for your business or do you want your business to work for you. Do your strands, which is setting up the systems to make a business run.

b - celevrity branding you When you build a personal brand you take up one of the hundred spots of dunbar's number. Nick Stanton

Marianne Libby Blended lifestyle and write an ad that prequalify people by telling them show me and listing some of the critical skills that weed out all the b*******

Fladlin hang a masterpiece artwork using duct tape or hang it up nicely with proper lighting and frame and it's like a museum. This is how you can sell thing as you can position your product to be more expensive if you're not selling to the mass Market you can sell relationships for relationship marketing. It is not drive by. You determine the price and assume that there won't be price resistance.

Jason fladland book one too many. Jason Works with Bezos. Editable reviews allow you to overcome the objection of a person not being qualified to provide a review. In discourse make sure the review function is editable. Also the reviews are your marketing. So your marketing budget can be smaller as your customers are your marketing. This relates to relationship marketing. Also think about using the wiki as an embeddable editable editable comment system. Or simply open Google Docs as an editable comment system

-> start OSE Meetups with the OSE prototypng kit. Can develop software, wireless, clusters, products, etc. Around the 4-head machine. Develop new useful heads and stronger versions.

Application - to become a slot in someons Dunbar Number of friends - do continuing personal branding - Podcast - I'm your open source economy friend. Meetups - here are suggested products and existing results. Blog posts. Vlogs. Downloadable as MP3. Eventually - open source hardware Enterprise and OSE conference. Right now I'm building to that with the network.

One to Many is about webinars. Best in class.

Different Forum sections must have ability to stte clearly what that forum is about. We create the buckets. And there's a catch-all General bucket for everyone else. But we must steer the discussions deliberately. Retaining focus while giving control to the community.

Dean's shifted from an information coaching model to an implementation coaching model.

What is my magic number for when work becomes optional. That means how much money or resource do I need or people do I need to build what I need without having to get any more funding. Because for me the amount just to carry on a comfortable lifestyle is only about 25,000 to $100,000. It may be 100 million to start a hundred OST campuses in different locations.

Episodes - notes 9/19

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