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An integrated lifestyle consists of a lifestyle where one pursues Integrated Education for Integrated Design for Integrated Enterprise.

Notable evolution is from work-life integration (ancient societies), to a mix of decentralization and heavy centralization (capitalism and communism as the main contenders for power centers). Recently, people have proposed work-life balance since the industrial revolution, and in 2007 notions of radically short work weeks for the elite were proposed, such as The 4-Hour Workweek. Since production capacity, far outstrips consumption capacity, notions of Universal Basic Assets have become non-laughable, as funny-money in the form of dollars wanes and Integrated Currency takes a foothold.

"Work-life balance" came into use in the 1970s and 80s, as stressed baby boomers strove to achieve a balance between career, family and other areas of their lives. - [1]

Then purpose started to become fashionable. [2] In the form of work-life integration.

OSE follows the principle of work-life integration. Separation between work and life is just another aspect of disintegrated society: why should what we do be removed from our true purpose and passion - and thus implicit motivation and self-determination? Why should our friendships, family, purpose - be cut off from what we do most of the time? The obvious answer is that we should be pursuing our true interest and purpose most of our life.

Many people do not get a chance to discover their true purpose, as this exploration time is crowded out by school, job, and mortgage.

Jim Collins notes keenly [3] that most people will increase their risk level (get a job, which has no guarantees or control over one's destiny) to minimize the ambiguity in their life - as opposed to becoming entrepreneurs. Which paradoxically has less risk because all entrepreneurs who continue a their passion are highly likely to succeed - the greatest risk to entrepreneurship is taking the risk to actually start up.

The OSE way aims to transform society via mass creation of integrated lifestyle opportunity, transitioning from a world dominated by 'jobs.' This is happening already, such as seen in The Great Resignation, and is likely to increase as awareness of possibilities - and skill sets to match the challenge - are developed. One of OSE's missions is to train people in such skill sets.

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