Jeff Higdon Operating Manual

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Working Doc



This details all site and workshop related tasks under the management of a site manager.

House Supplies

  • Site Manager checks in with residents on needs such as soap, cleaning supplies, and laundry detergent.

Workshops, Apprenticeship, and any Site Visits

  • Negotiates all visitors
  • Negotiates arrivals and their accommodations


  • Weatherproofing of water system in Hablab, Microhouse, Seed Eco-Home, Seed Eco-Home 2, Faculty house, pump house, outdoor kitchen, outdoor bathroom, pool, and any other locations where freezing may be a risk

Roads, Landscape

  • Manages road graveling according to need and available budget
  • Manages landscaping (mowing, planting, beautification, new and existing earthworks, drainage tubes, drainage) according to budget and need.


  • Collaborates on establishing an agriculture plan and budget including open source machines.


  • Manages or executes production within specified enterprise parameters based on product orders
  • Keeps Visual Workshop for tools so tools are readily inventoried and found. All tools go back at end of day.


  • Mice and bugs - traps shall be set, and wherever possible, ozonator for vermin evacuation


  • All organics are composted. Designated area shall be_____________.
  • All metal is separated for meltdown.
  • All plastic is shredded for 3D printer filament making.
  • All wood and brush is shredded for mulch.