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  • An abbreviation for Low Speed Electric Vehicle
  • Also know as:
    • Neighborhood Electric Vehicle
  • Essentially a fancy "Golf Cart"
  • Or a low range/speed Velomobile
  • Especially useful for transport within a city/community where range isn't needed
  • May fill a similar role to the Smart Car as well in that it is VERY compact (does not have the gas/large ev) range though
  • Can be charged at home, often with standard power (ie no large charger/power upgraded needed)
  • Some also have a solar panel for free (albeit slow) charging

Quick Average Specs Reference

    • Golf Cart Dimentions (according to This
  • Length: 2.4m
  • Width: 1.2m
  • Height 1.8m

Currently Available Models


  • Their Website
  • According to their news page is 7,500 USD
  • Is it in production yet?
  • Also is an option with integrated solar available

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