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OSE Design/Build

  • SH4 Sewer Leveling - [1]

For Outdoor Work

  • Decent, but poorly visible in daylight. May work on cloudy day. [2]
    • 10' in partial shade day, 250' at night - [3]
  • Reviews say it doesn't work in daylight for this - [4]
  • Visibility outdoors - can see the reflection on white paper:

  • Check.pngUp to 50 feet visibility in shade with this plane laser on full sun day [5]
    • Picture outside under covered porch in Florida - [6]
    • Says it can work outside [7]
    • Says you could see it 26 feet away on overcast day - [8]
    • This one reviewer found in visible in bright sunlight at 25 feet - [9]
    • Full daylight (probably not sunny) visible at 30 feet - [10]
    • 20' visible in relatively bright outdoors, and 30 feet with included reflector - [11]
    • 50 feet in shade on full sun day - [12]. Most compelling review so far. For building walls - this would work well because shade can be created relatively easily, such as if laying wall panels, on the shaded side, and natural shade occurs on north side etc.
      • Use fresh batteries for max brightness [13]

Plane Lasers for Corners

This looks like the best choice, which includes a rotary laser for plane as well as corners. Don't get a plane laser if you can get this with additional squaring ability on 3 planes. A detector can be used as well, but this appears not to need one because it's visible in the day. This may also be a good idea with laser detectors on tractors/bulldozers for grading purposes.

  • Check.pngGreen light = 4x visibility in day. Good for corners. $165. [14]. Manual - [15]


  • 13 best rotary lasers - topcon is $500 - [16]. MJ review - heavy D batteries are not good rechargeable option. Trip to the store when they run out - PITA. Though one can get rechargeable Ds.
  • Huepar Self-leveling for $100 no detector - [17]. No detector, so difficult to see in full light.
  • Huepar $239 with detector - [18]. Appears to be half the price of best brands and comparable quality. Has rechargeable bats.
  • $89 + 1 plane - [19]


  • Works with any red laser - [20]

Battery Charger