Exploded Part Animation in Blender

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Doable - wondering if there are any scripts available that produce this automatically, render, and save a movie of it.

The 'scale location' route would be good for artistic explosion - though not for technical procedures.


OSE Use Cases

  • Do a Hyperphantastic Hyperlapse of wall modules being assembled - 'exploding into' form panel by panel for the Seed Eco-Home 2. Each 'implosion into form' is the reverse playback of an explosion. One by one imposion from individual parts - until whole house is complete.
  • Or - a complete house explosion into parts - where the parts explode, then physics engine is activated and parts fall down by gravity.
  • This could be the beginning scene of a massive multiplayer online game - where each participant can play the entire explosion back at whatever speed they like. The MMOG consists of a large team of participants working together to pick up all the pieces, and assemble them into finished form using a proper tool set: cordless drills, hammers, palm nailer, etc.
  • Another MMOG concept is that piles of materials are airdropped in. They crash by gravity engine in Blender - and people take them, set up work stations for cutting and prepping materials at the 'make modules, cut materials' stage of the build. The build would feature OSE machines, but you'd have to build them also according to design rules. This is a synthesis of part libraries, design guides, MMOG, and real-world counterpart. you can buy real-world build training or a house in the game itself.