Metrics for GVCS Deployment

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Dashboard Level Metrics

These are metrics to inform contributors about clear and visible progress.

  • Number of modules and machines completed
  • Number of active wiki contributors


  • Uptime percentage
  • Cloudflare, April 19 - 1 Day - Even hourly is shown below over a 24 hour period - 8000 unique visitors - traffic means OSE audience is spread pretty much evenly around the globe.



  • Edits
  • Top contributors
  • Commits


Primary - Development Metrics

  • Number of Prototypes Built (24), Number of Unique Prototypes Built (15), Beta Releases (4), and Full Product Releases (0)
  • Cost to performance of Full Product Releases compared to industry standards. Typical goal: 5x cost reduction or better.
  • The number of projects documented to full Open Source Hardware Taxonomy Standards
    • Possible measurement: the number of taxonomy items completed from the list of ~100 or so
  • The quantity of high quality explainer videos
    • Specific metric: number of views on OSE explainer videos
  • The rate of prototyping of GVCS machines
  • Number of products that corporations fund to make them open source
  • Size of permanent staff and volunteers on site(24)

Primary - Scaling and Transformation

  • Number of OSE Incubators formed worlwide
  • Number of OSE Chapters started worldwide. Chapters assist in development
  • The number of OSE-based Microfactories started around the world

Primary - Economic Metrics

  • Number of machines replicated independently around the world (8)
  • The number of OSE chapters started worldwide
    • Implementation: needs chapter standards and OSE Global Chapters Manager
  • Total sales volume of GVCS Machines ($45k)
  • Number of technical contributions to the project worldwide
    • Could be measured by number of wiki edits or hits
  • Number of independent enterprises spawned based on the GVCS tools

Community Metrics

  • The number of design events held monthly
  • Funding level ($450k for next 10 months, graph of overall funding)
  • Technical Blog Posts (prototype builds)
  • Technical Team (Tech Team Culturing Survey) member numbers
    • We need to start graphing these numbers by category - such as engineers, documenters, video producers, etc.
  • Number of wiki contributors and number of total edits
  • Number of Facebook, Twitter followers, and number of hits on wiki, blog, TED Talk, and website.

Dogfooding Metrics

  • Pilot projects with use cases
    • Feedback sought: effectiveness of local production; we do not provide machines
  • Publicity and Honors attained
  • Number of wiki edits by top 10 contributors
  • TF numbers
  • Twitter, FB followers
  • YouTube subscribers, views
  • money spent per prototype built
  • money spent per Distributive Enterprise
  • Earnings, Donations, Grants
  • Local Food produced on site
  • Local Energy Produced On Site - kW-Hr/month