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Moral Philosophy

Socrates is the father of moral philosophy.

OSE Moral Philosophy

  • The OSE Moral philosophy is fundamentally the philosophy of distributed production - and specifically of distributive enterprise and distributed market substitution.
  • The OSE moral philosophy is based on self-determination (aka freedom), where eradication of Artificial Scarcity is a prerequisite - as this type of scarcity is ongoing fuel for war. Artificial scarcity is material. However scumfucks turn that political by fueling resentment. Global manipulation via resentment comes from the likes of Hitler, Putin, Trump, Xi, and the usual cast of characters.
  • Socrates was an early figure who proposed slavery as a precondition for the leisure required for higher virtue practiced by the governing class. Lame. Mantaigne aimed to liberate acquisitiveness from moral restraints. Solshynitsyn warns us that people dedicated to materialism cannot ultimately defend their freedom from totalitarianism, nor eradication of higher ideals. [1]. Today, technology is available for the eradication of artificial scarity, which leads us to material security without fear of survival (antidote of 'materialism'). Thus, anyone can become enlightened. Collins says that few people pursue greatness, as it requires discipline.

Moral Philosophy of Distributed Production

With monopoly markets or trade dependence, people do not have the moral choice to do good. For example, I buy 3D printer parts from China. Because there is not a practical choice for doing otherwise.

The solution is simple. If we do not like to support autocratic regimes with known records of ongoing human abuse, we need to create choices. So that, for example, I can buy 3D printer parts in a democratic regime, or locally.

Right now Russia is still funded by the West and others to wage war [2].

Or, Korea is still supported by China and Russia, etc.

Distributed production, and production by sound sources, would defund questionable regimes. Iran, China, Korea, Russia, and other usual suspects could benefit.

Corruption plays a part. We can start more sound practice by first providing sound options, so that it is easier for people to wean off autocratic teats, whether it is 3D printer parts, Conflict Resources such as lithium, etc.


  1. The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness. -John Kenneth Galbraith