Narrow-Gauge Rail

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Existing Designs

Way Out West with Sandra and Tim 's Design


  • As show in This Video their area in Ireland gets VERY muddy, so Wheelbarrows/Tractors/Trucks (at least on an unprepared surface) would tear it up
  • Also as shown in This Video they seem to mainly use it for hauling bulk supplies such as wood in their Logging / Forestry Debris -> Poly Drying Tunnel -> Firewood / Charcoal workflow
    • Each wagon seemed to hold ~20 Baker's Trays worth of chopped up sticks (akin to pruning debris)
  • They didn't do all that much on the Grading / Earthworks / Geotechnical Engineering side of things, so it will be interesting to see how it fairs long term
  • Also corrosion control, given it is all non-galvanized iron/steel, with no Cathodic Protection etc

Sleeper Based

Sleeper-less / Slab Railway

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