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  • Nobody else in the world designs core infrastructure products openly, refines production engineering, publishes open Enterprise for core technologies used to drive a modern standard of living, and teaches entrepreneurs how to do this in a disciplined way. And publishes all the blueprints and Enterprise plans on the internet for free.
    • However, that is the day-to-day. The OSE Purpose is to enable people to be self-determined. This relates to a deep OSE Moral Philosophy of causing no harm by solving artificial material scarcity.
  • This is the foundation of the OSE Hedgehog Concept


  • There is a close contender - Precious Plastic, for recycling plastic, though it is a craft enterprise as opposed to a core infrastructure production enterprise. Its scalability thus appears limited in terms of ral volume processed.
    • It's machines are good, though not scalable like OSE machines (to 200 hp), and their machines do not actually include feedstock (plastic production, only reuse.
    • Its blueprints are decent, but not produced in freeCAD though they are exported as the universal STEP format.
    • Its core Enterprise models revolve around decorative plastic goods so far, as opposed to core infrastructure technologies. Moreover, PP does not propose a specific Enterprise concept - just generic possibility - limiting replicability significantly.
    • PP does not robustify its production engineering (industrial or personal applications) for machine build optimization like we do to make enterprise applications wide in scope
    • OSE has a formal apprenticeship program and mentorship around machine design and enterprise scaling.
    • Some of its best operations are subsidized (plastic goods at a resort) - as opposed to competing in the open marketplace - which limits scalability significantly.

Small Business Administration

  • Appears to miss the point that all problems have an economic component, if we define economics not as money-making but house-keeping. This implies a more fundamental solution, which bureaucracies are not likely to support.