Open Source Desiccant-Humidifier Cycle Based Liquid Chiller

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  • OSE's Design for a Dessicant-Humidifier Cycle Refrigeration based Hydronic Cooling system
  • May be possible to control it in a "dumb" system (ie just turn the power on/off) since the pumps would be self priming, and the fans can be turned off/on easily, and everything should be using AC power all linking to a single "power bar".

Basic Design


  • Bolt Everything Down on Plywood?
  • Could also use PVC Piping to make tripods of sorts? (if not glued, this could allow for a portable unit of sorts?

Modular Air-Liquid Contactor

  • Essentially a 4in PVC Pipe, Filled with "Bio Balls"
  • A submersible pump is in a sump at the base of the tower
  • A y fitting is used to attach a fan allowing for forced counterflow air
  • The return hose from the submersible pump is placed near the top, amongst some bioballs
  • The hose is then covered to stop mist/salt dust from escaping the top with the gas stream

Liquid Heat Exchanger

  • Exchanges The "Closed Loop" liquid dessicant with the "Open Loop" humidifier-cooler, as well as with the final Hydronic Cooling System


Column Packing

  • Should be simpler than a Spray Tower system due to it's "open" nature (even if in a sealed+clean container, it doesn't have a sealed pressurized liquid tube)
  • Bioballs would work and are inexpensive
  • Stainless Steel Scrubbers based packing would work as well (would a conductive packing offer any advantages over thermally insulative plastic? )


Power Distribution

  • The fans will run on AC power, so a "power bar" style surge protector should suffice


  • "Fountain Pumps" usually go for ~20-50 usd each (need to determine GPH flow needed/diminishing returns on higher flow?)

PVC Pipe

  • 4in PVC Pipe seems like the largest size at the local "Home Depot" store

PVC Pipe Fittings

  • Will need a Y fitting at the base to have the sump seperated from the air inlet
  • Also want caps for the sump
  • Any fittings for the tops?


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