Open Source Automated Electromagnetic Coil Winder

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  • A device that allows for easy winding of electromagnetic coils

Used For

  • Electromagnets
  • Linear Motors

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

Basic Design

  • This can basically be described as a lathe (for rotating the electromagnet core (may be a better word for that)), and a wire guide on a (for lack of a better word) camera slider mechanism (there is also the housing but that may be inferred)
  • It works by the lathe moving at the determined speed based on the coil parameters. As this starts, the wire guide starts moving parallel (lengthways) with the electromagnet core. By doing so it moves the coil down the pipe instead of having it all bunched up at one end. Since this is all controlled by a computer this makes for a very precise coil.
  • Now onto more detailed plans


  • Holds all the other componets together


  • Could be as simple as a servo motor (size depends on scale of machiene) connected to an axle with a bearing (or another servo) at the other end
  • May be a good spot for a wire tie down/hold down point

Wire Guide

  • 3D Printed "P" shaped componet, holds wire and attaches it to the "camera slider like mechanism"

Slider Mechanism

  • Same concept as what is called and used as a camera slider
  • Could be as a simple D3D axix (only one though)

Magnet Wire Spool Holder

  • Holds one spool of magnet wire
  • Could be motorized or passive
  • Attaches to the housing
  • Looks like the ones used on some fdm 3D Printers

Control Module

  • Controles all servos + sensors
  • Rasberry Pi + Arduino?


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