Distributed Market Substitution Criteria

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How do we select good candidate products that can be great examples of open source product development succeeding in the marketplace as scalable industry transformers?

  1. Significant market size, min $1B globally. Cordless drills are about $10B.
  2. Manufacturing leverages easily accessible, open source automation technologies such as 3D printing, circuit milling, laser cutting.
  3. Product is suitable for a family run business, without requiring major investment in infrastructure. Cordless drill can be produced in a garage.
  4. Product meets a significant market need or gap. Lifetime design is a big one for checking fdless drills.
  5. Low start-up costs. Under $1k for drill.
  6. Lends itself to digital fabrication assist. Drill: complex body geometry, battery pack can be 3D printed. Motor and geardown may be printed.
  7. Has clear path for manufacturing improvements and addition of other production innovation on a small scale.
  8. Extremely efficient Production levels must be achieved on a small scale. Drill: guess is 12 can be built in a single 8 hour day if all parts are available.
  9. Lifetime design
  10. Made from local and recycled materials.
  11. Modular - so functional improvements are possible and manufacturing lends itself to optimization at low cost
  12. Product is a common, everyday tool that everyone can appreciate
  13. Product is. It overly complex that it is impossible to build on a small scale
  14. Product is a combination of mechanical, electrical, and control systems.
  15. Product lends itself to IoT and apps for smarter control and reporting.
  16. Product leverages available open source code.pone ts and fabrication scheme, and serves as a foundation for opensourcing further manufacturing processes to obtain a higher percentage of open source components
  17. Product must be nontrivial, so that open sou ce innovation in its delivery constitutes a significant and unique value proposition. I, it is co.plex enough that the Incentive Challenge requires collaboration, and cannot be done by a single person. This would indicate that a significant development effort is taking place.
  18. There must be a large audience with the interest - and the required skills - to participate in the challenge
  19. The challenge must be fungible - it must inspire a lot of people and have wide public appaeal so that the necessary support can be obtained to fund the callenge