Recruiting 100 People in 60 Days

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Notes on keys to success for this specific example:

  1. Candidates skipped an interview step if scored well on initial screen
  2. 2 different start dates (Dec + Jan) to simplify onboarding
  3. 2 week training
  4. 5% acceptance rate
  5. From actual interviews, we got 25% acceptance.


  1. A figure of 5-10 hour per week recruiting commitment was mentioned. Assume this was the majority - then 7.5 hr * 40 people * 8 weeks = 2400 hours of recruiting time for 100 people - 24 hours per person? Way too much. Initial screen of 2100. Assume initial screen was a few minutes per: 2100*5 min=170 hrs. 40 interviews at 30 min - 20 hrs. That is about 200 hours so far.

More Success Notes

  • This is information work, so work from anywhere is possible. Relevance to OSE - can do remote production option.
  • Clear guidelines - for who they want
  • Recruiting team - several weeks, 5-10 hrs per week with a team.
  • Qaulifications->2100 candidates->100 hires - 1/21 acceptance.
    • High score on initial screen sent candidate directly to onsite interview with hiring manager
    • Mid score people got second interview, and a batch interview process on site: 40 candidates interviewed in one week. Batch session was 4-30 minute interview with role play as customer.

OSE Extrapolation

  • To hire 12 builders, first 4 in the first month, then 8 more as soon as cash flow is proven. Note initial hiccups with legal as we work out the builds.
  • Screen down to 50 candidates from initial screening application (4 screened candidates per position). Accept 12 excellent candidates. Save names for later as we grow: if we have more successful ones, we simply offer later starting dates.