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  • PET (Plastic) undergoes hydrolysis when even slightly damp at it's melting point
  • THUS it is best to store it at least moderately dry, and/or dry pre-use (in some process/machine integrated dryer)

To Do

  • Specific data on water level vs degradation (a graph of water g/kg vs tensile strength or something?)
  • Find Methods of in-machine drying (fluidized in hot air, like a hot air corn popper?)

Research Paper Trashcan


  1. "Raw" plastic recycling in
  2. Shredding
  3. "Basic Drying" via being spread thin on a sheet, and left out (in a non-humid area with good airflow)
    1. Can be stored as is, and do only drying pre-use (ie integrated before the hopper etc)
  4. IF NOT "Machine Dry" using some sort of device such as a hot air food dehydrator, etc
  5. Storage in a sealed container with either an attached dehumidifier, or internal package of dessicant
  6. (If stored dry, this is optional-ish) "Post Storage - Pre Use" Machine Dry
  7. Use Flakes in any Precious Plastic Machine or the Open Source FDM Filament Maker

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