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  • A series of devices, which not only cut and swap filament, like the Prusa Multi Material Upgrade , but also thermally bond/splice the two strands
  • Thus it is less likely to jam
  • Otherwise it is similar to any other Filament Swapping Devices
  • Has 4 Filaments in Per Device
  • Only Uses 1.75mm Filament
  • Main Uses Are:
    • Swapping filament colors
    • Automatically Changing Filament Spools
    • Swapping to a filament of a (roughly) similar temperature
  • MAY be able to swap to a filament with a much higher/lower melting point, but this is less reliable NEEDS MORE RESEARCH
  • Has gone through the following versions:
    • Palette (1)
    • Palette (1+)
    • Palette 2
    • Palette 2 Pro
    • Palette 2s
    • Palette 2s Pro

Marcin Bit

The hardware itself is proprietary, and CANVAS software also appears to be proprietary.

It would be useful to open-source this device - it is quite useful.

Mixing extruder support exists in Marlin - Functionality appears to be limited. [1]. Software integration needs to happen.

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