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Peak performance is about achieving human limits of what is possible, across physical, mental, spiritual, and societal tasks. Peak performance also applies to organiztions and institutions. Studying these can yield useful insights - first into what are the current limits of peak performance - and second - if one chooses to pursue a point of peak performance - how to do it.

OSE favors integrated peak peformance - based on its tendency to Systems Thinking. This means that Specialization is for Insects, and we like to work with people who have experience in a broad range of experience - not a single one. Because we believe that depth in one area - in absence of how this relates to the whole world - can cause problems in society, such as AI.

This page lists best examples of Everything across all sectors of society, with voting in the discussion list below. Examples are intended to provide inspiration on what is possible.

Important Writing

  • Core protocols for a team - [1]

Mental Models and Expert-Generalists

Study this carefully:

  • How to tell if someone is exceptional - [2]
  • Expert-Generalists - [3]

Top 200 Business Gurus

  • Tony Robbins - [4]

DIY Instructionals

  • King of Random on YouTube - [5]

Email Lists

  • 50M for - contact person - [6]

Permaculture Teachers


  • Mark McMurty - iAV
  • Gary Donaldson - iAV, Itegrated Backyard Food Production