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3D Image

3D Manipulable file in Sketchup:

Download file in Sketchup

  • Note: this needs to be converted from its proprietary Sketchup format into FreeCAD for editing, and WebGL for embedding.




Design Review

Note: v16.09 denotes the month/year of active development on the Power Cube, according to OSE naming standards.


Link to Google Warehouse to download Sketchup file.

Wanted: conversion to FreeCAD native format.




Published the latest design in Sketchup below

Power Cube 16.8

This design has had few updates lately. Here are the latest updates:

Aug 2016: Twin 18HP engine design in the works - mostly complete, will be built in the September Power Cube workshop

Snapshot: Hydraulic ports - 2 3/4" male outputs from the top of the pumps, 2 3/4" female returns and 1 1/4" low pressure return.

PC16.8HydraulicPorts.png Hydraulic Ports

Shapshot: Suction plumbing: Use 2 suction strainers and separate hoses to pumps, as reservoir ports are only 1 1/4" and these suction strainers are only rated at 8GPM each.

PC16.8SuctionPlumbing.png Suction Plumbing


How should corners be formed and welded for optimal strength? Here is one image of a corner, with one of the horizontal members in the corner and the others welded to it:

PC16.8Corner.png Corner

Should the orientation be the same for all 8 corners?

Should we employ any special grinding / welding procedures for the one weld where all three members meet?


This is the 16.8 release. See file revision history for other versions.

Bill Of Materials (BOM): Power Cube BOM

Power Cube Working Document: ["https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DxVZlZE0Ky5eLrOL2lcxCfL6yHJLP_iRlZApJ4uzfqM/edit#gid=0"]

Wiring Diagram: File:PC16.8WiringDiagram.dia Wiring Diagram


Hydraulic Flow

Pump displacement: 0.677 Cubic inches / Revolution (CIPR)
Engine max speed: 3600 RPM
Flow per engine/pump: 3600 * 0.677 / 231 = 10.55 GPM
Total Flow: 21.1 GPM