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An app for remote monitoring of construction projects. FOSS.

Site -

Github -

The UN oversees FieldSight - [1]


The concept is that the builder uses an app to take pictures at select checkpoints according to well-defined instructions. The dev team then provides feedback.

Specific checkpoints for the Seed Home 2 may include:

  1. Site graded - site is level - according to laser level results on 4 corners with markings of level on each post. Or using a string level.
  2. Building location square - 4 stakes on corners with 3 points for triangulation: 1. distance of long side = 32'. 2. Cross distance 1 - 35' 9.3". Cross distance 2 - 35' 9.3". 4 pictures: one overall site, 2 is measuring tape closeup for long side, 3 is measuring tape closeup at cross 1, and 4 is measure closeup at cross 2
  3. Foundation location level - string 1/2" above foundation, laser videod beeping on top of the foundation.

Datails based on detailed build procedures.