Post-Scarcity Escape Velocity

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This 'velocity' refers to the speed or conditions required for a clear and visible escape from material constraints that limit human progress (ie, war, poverty, corruption, genocide, etc). This is done by reorganizing massive amounts of misappropriated resources so that more people are happy with the condition of the world.

Scarcity Escape Limit

Judging by the vastly superior quantify of production compared to consumption, basic principles logic indicates that the current lifestyle in the West, and leapfrogged lifestyle in oppressed lands - can be obtained with 10% of current effort. That is - if society is organized efficiently.

This can be understood simply through the elimination of throw away goods, which naturally lead to 10x resource efficiency. Waste and other competitive waste, such as 100 companies all competing to make 100 variations of an inferior product instead of all collaborating to make a single good product. Or, the Allies winning WW2 only to repeat the folly that nearly cost them their lives.