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Solarfire - April, 2013

Before 4/29/11:

Solar Fire is a leading open source solar concentrator project. OSE is currently interested in a linear fresnel-type solar concentrator. OSE should definitely build on the Solar Fire experience, but route to adaptation to linear systems is not clear.

Update 4/29/11:

Solar Fire has developed the world's first, replicable, working, large-scale, open source solar dish system. Check out the P32, a 20kW peak thermal capture system. It is currently being scaled for larger applications. It is scalable in the sense of multiple connected receivers from multiple arrays - because the cost of the recever is on the order of $100.

Check out the dish solar concentrator running a steam engine: Solar Fire P32:

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Status in 2013

OSE europe managed to raise enough funding to keep solar fire open source for the time being.We've pledged 7,800 Euros by November 3, can you help it become truly open source? Please support it: