Open Source Special Economic Zone Specifications

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  • A semi-autonomous Special Enterprise Zone which allows only open source enterprises that produces DIN SPEC 3105 compliant products on its grounds.
  • Social contract involves commitment to lifelong learning and psycho-social integration post-childhood
  • Endorsement from local authorities allows for a permanent lease on the land, with expectation of technology transfer of products developed to surrounding communities, while providing livelihood to the
  • Enterprise on premises is tax free, or otherwise negotiated to be burden-free, such as via PILTS
  • High standards of ecological integrity are maintained, with completely cyclic material flows and carbon sinking.
  • Intent is to create ecosystems of open products that produce prosperity within the zone.
  • Location must be suitable for 100-1000 acres and access to plants, rocks, soil, and water on its premises - or systems must be imported to produce these essential assets.
  • The zone is education, R&D, and manufacturing centric, while including local food provision
  • Zone is subject only to international law and the local Distributive Enterprise Social Contract, which is based on the best practices of multiple legal systems.
  • This is an instance of an OSE Campus