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  1. Develop the FreeHouse open sector framework for housing produced at sweat equity, so we can attain best practice as already practiced by other animals. With FreeLand opportunities as well. Requires a stewardship code of ethics for participation, and banishment for noncompliance.
  2. Develop the Open Sector to full possibility of on-demand custom build of any consumer product on an hour-few hours time frame, adding 10x value over 10x repeat purchase at 2x. As a community based manufacturing opportunity that builds a library of useful products.
  3. Distributed nurseries worldwide for food security and swarm breeding as creation of proud heritage. Cities grow all their food via perennial edibles, greenhouses, and bioculture for integration with nutrient management and biogas energy. Phased with plant nursery, to wet baling, to biowaste collection, tree chipping, urban forestry, and biodiversity like Hoboken rain gardens.
  4. Recruiting of potential worldchangers to Global Stewardship positions. The starting point is a huge A++ for the students, billionaire mentors, rapid learning, and so on. Augmented reality is as simple as QR code pulling up added information superposition. You download the app before the build on your open source tablet.