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Nice presentation, derisive of symbolic analysis - [1]

Read about the concept -

OSE Perspective

Symbolic analysis is a noble profession. Yet without including a component of hands-on, renaissance-person building of physical artificts - the physical realities that we deal with - it can mislead civilization into further wealth maldistribution. Robert Reich addresses the part of wealth inequality in The Work of Nations. Reich identifies 3 classes - the Symbolic Analyst, routine producer, and the service industry. The Routine Producer is out of luck.

But not to worry - The Second Industrial Divide already made a compelling case that routine production is not the only way. Flexible fabrication is the answer - where interesting lives can be had outside of mass production - and instead, in more of the Ghandian production by the masses. In the digital age - the craft production side is compelling: open source microfactories can become the new engine of production - as production shifts from one-size-fits-all to custom production. The case is clear for higher-skill, craft producers - leveraging digital production technology, artificial intelligence, robotics and automation, biotech, blockchain - in the Third Industrial Revolution and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Thus, welcome to the world of distributed production, where open source microfactories are the new engines of an increasingly democratic society.

Specifically, entire industries will be displaced: such as large manufacturers with distributed microfactories, oil industry with distributed hydrogen, house production with owner-builders, and more.